Thursday, November 19, 2015
By Tony Contini
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Friday, September 26, 2014
By Tony Contini
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Smokes travels from neighboring California's second most costly fire and occupies the mountains and lungs of Nevada residents.


Wednesday, September 10, 2014
By Tony Contini
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Teagen turned 6 months, and started her next half year of life in style - hanging with the folks, smelling flowers and looking just too cute.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014
By Tony Contini
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This is the photo story of Renzo, a boy who wants nothing more than to work near large machines. If you ever have any confusion about drilling equipment, wheel loaders or the large trucks, Renzo's your man. Make-A-Wish teamed up with Graniterock Construction to make his dreams a reality.



This was my first time photographing a wish, as well as my first assignment ever with a full-frame camera. Yes, all the work you have seen from me before this July have been cropped and degraded. Now let the real work begin!


I was figuring out the new camera on the go, climbing long vertical step ladders and crawling on quarry floor trying to keep up with Renzo. He had the support of his mother and father, but he wanted to climb himself. He was also brimming with questions. He impressed the staff at Graniterock with his knowledge of the machinery and the way he could differentiate between them with ease. Something I can't do.


He worked a crane, rode in the biggest machines, scaled himself next to gigantic tires, got a tour of the tools in the workshop and had time in between to giggle with his mother, Crystal, while cleaning off the dirt from his cheeks and hands. Renzo works and plays hard, and doesn't mind getting his hands dirty.


The family of three road on a train that transfers the materials out of the quarry and clocked out for lunch.


It is impossible not to continuously sympathize for their situation, especially when looking back at these happy images, but their outlook made me see the importance of family and positivity.

Follow your dreams, work hard and you will find all the reward you need in good people. The world is filled with amazing work ethics, compassionate hearts and people that just want to try. Don't forget to factor in the good sometimes.


Monday, April 28, 2014
By Tony Contini
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                                                                                                            Mark Sexton plays at St. James Infirmary in Reno.

                                                                                                                                                      Photo by Tony Contini


On a randomly snowy and windy Reno spring day, Failure Machine and the Mark Sexton Band threw down in a packed and steamy Reno bar.


I showed up to St. James Infirmary feeling under the weather, but quickly shook it off when the adreneline of shooting set in. 

The bar was packed from front to back exit. The windows and my lenses, sweaty as I was.


Failure Machine came out horns blaring, a thread connecting the funky, dirty-soul lineup.

The crowd clapped and boogied through the heat. The Mark Sexton Band came out with a three-piece horn section and Mark's brother, Christopher, on keys.

Family, brotherly and Reno love was in the air.


Failure Machine Gallery


Mark Sexton Band Gallery